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Originally delivered on 10/6/2021 6:00 pm

SUBJECT: Annual Fund Spotlight: Teacher Support

Annual Fund Themometer
We’ve Reached 26% of our Goal!

Thanks to 56 Mason-Rice families, we've raised more than $9,000* toward our $34,000 goal! Thank you to those who responded so quickly to our appeal for support. We are still more than $25,000 from our goal and the PTO's ability to fund all the programs and needs for this year.

This week, we invite you to read below and learn about ways the Mason-Rice PTO's support has widespread impact.

*Note: Numbers as of Tuesday evening, October 6th.

Annual Fund Giving: A Widespread Impact

QUESTION: Why should I donate to the Annual Fund? 

ANSWER:Because investing in our community has widespread impact.

The Mason-Rice PTO exists to support the community—a community with ever-changing needs. Sometimes we invest in infrastructure, often we invest in curriculum enhancements, and always we invest in our people. Our investments have staying power and some are more visible than others. But all investments by our PTO impact our students, staff, and families for years to come. 

Are you curious about recent investments your PTO has made? This week, we spotlight some of the many ways that the PTO supports Mason-Rice teachers.

Books for the Mason-Rice Library

Each year, the PTO helps Ms. Reed by providing funding for new books to help keep the catalogue of books relevant and current for our students, along with new shelving and furniture for the library. 

New Stadium Cushions, So Students Can Enjoy Outside Learning and Snacking Without Getting Dirty or Cold!

At the start of this year, the PTO asked Mason-Rice leadership, "What can we do to help encourage more outside time?" In response, we purchased outdoor cushions for every classroom with the hope that it will encourage teachers to get their kids outside as much as possible--for outdoor instruction, snacks, or mask breaks!

Has your child's classroom been using their cushions? We encourage you to ask your student.

Teacher's Lounge Restock

It may seem like a small gesture, but we constantly hear from the teachers and staff that they love when the PTO stocks the Teacher's Lounge with treats. (Who doesn't love a surprise treat?) At the start of the school year, the PTO filled the Lounge with lots of fun, yummy snacks and drinks. Unexpected efforts like this help our teachers feel appreciated, especially when it's for no occasion or reason.

Ukeleles for Music!

A set of ukuleles and instructional books were purchased by Ms. McIntosh with PTO funding a few years ago but due Covid and the lockdown, she was unable to introduce them to our students. Thanks to the generosity of past PTOs, she is now able to use them for her 3-5 graders, and they will have a lasting impact on many students to come.

IN THEIR WORDS: How the PTO Helps Teachers Support ALL Mason-Rice Students

Creating engaging lessons, activities, and games is essential for reviewing skills in the learning center with our students. With the financial support of the PTO, we are able to purchase materials such as lamination, card stock, and magnetic backing to create engaging lessons and support our students best. It is extremely helpful to have the support of the PTO. Thank you so much for all you do to support our students and school community!

~ Katie Perdisatt, Special Education Teacher

The financial support of the Mason-Rice PTO allows me to make purchases for the library that are critical to the program. I use PTO funding to help keep our collection current and keep students engaged by the books on our shelves. Equally as important, PTO funding has helped ensure that our library is a welcoming, comfortable, flexible and dynamic learning space. The PTO helped purchase shelving on wheels that allows us to create a learning space that accommodates author and illustrator visits as well as flexibility during projects and activities. Seating has been another great support from the PTO. I could go on, but suffice to say, I am thankful for the support!

~Jennifer Reed, Librarian

The PTO has supported us in so many ways both big and small! I have loved the sense of community from wearing our M-R spirit wear in the building! The thoughtful gestures of breakfast, lunch (and the encouraging signage during covid that awaited us at the parking lot) all have served to help us feel very appreciated. 

While I appreciate all that you do to support us, I'm perhaps most grateful for the support that you give to my students by helping to fund our field trips and book fairs. One of my favorite memories is being able to hand one of my students an envelope that enabled him to purchase some books at the book fair, which he would not have been able to do otherwise. His whole face lit up with the possibilities in front of him thanks to the generosity of the PTO. It truly touched my heart.

~Donna Thayer, 2nd Grade Teacher

More Examples of Investments the PTO Has Made For & With Mason-Rice Teachers Include:

Images above include (from left to right): (1) new, inviting classroom rug for a teacher whose rug was old and faded, (2) Summer 2019 At-Home Activities Packet provided to METCO students at request of the METCO Coordinator (3) cargo net for the P.E. teachers to help students explore dexterity, strength, and to get their wiggles out!

Your donations go a long way in making our community stronger. When we invest in our people—their happiness, connectedness, and wellness—the investment has far-reaching impact.

Goal: Raise $34,000 by October 31st

Please help us as we support our community.

We suggest a donation of $100 per student.

We recognize that not all families are able to contribute at this level*. Gifts of all amounts are appreciated. Gifts in excess of $100 per student will provide relief for community members who aren't in the position to contribute.


Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Does your employer match your nonprofit contributions? Double your contribution to the PTO by participating in their matching gift program!

*Is your family experiencing hardship? Please reach out to Principal Bultema; he is able to leverage the Principal Discretionary Fund to support you and your family. Information about which families benefit from this fund is known by Mr. Bultema exclusively.

Want to help in other ways? We always need more volunteers. 
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